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Hello, and thank you for reading our short blog, We are a car retailing company who started out in 1998 working for Honda, and that platform moulded us to who we are today.

Which brings us to our best website to date which we hope will prove to be easy, helpful and with a genuine care for our customers.

Our aim is to provide the Nottingham and East Midlands with the best selling experience for you, and the best value and price for your car. Even if we cant buy your car we will give you the best advice possible to help you achieve your goal. You can call us on 01949 729924 and just ask.


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One of the classic cars we have bought.


Sell my car

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V was one of the first SUVs to tout itself as the more eco friendly off-roader, with a firm bias to on-road manners and a lack of off-road clambering . The CR-V shares the 2.0- petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines from the Accord but now also comes in Hybrid form. The CR-V is stout, sensible family transport and has something of a cult following in Middle England. We can see why. Honda reliability is a given, it’s well engineered and very practical for household duty. It’s even built in Britain, so you can feel rightly patriotic if you’re a local reader. Now on its fifth iteration, you can choose front- or four-wheel drive and we’d highly recommend the new downsized 1.6 diesel engine which hits the sweet spot of low emissions, high fuel economy and grunt performance. That’s a good bet when combined with the 590-or-so litre boot. Just watch out for equally efficient but more engaging rivals.

The Second gen Honda CR-V

As long as you don’t need more than five seats, the CR-V is a great buy thanks to its Reliability, comfort, generous equipment levels and strength. Running costs can be high, especially for petrol models, plus you’ll regret not buying a diesel if you’re planning to tow. As with most cars of this type, the CR-V isn’t designed for serious off-road driving but, while there are plenty of more accomplished compact SUVs out there on the used market, the CR-V can be a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Latest Generation CR-V

Bear in mind that, as with any compact sports utility vehicle, a CR-V will never be as cheap to run as a family-focused estate car or hatch.

Make sure the air-conditioning or climate control works properly; compressors can fail, particularly on early models rear light clusters can leak, leading to condensation building up, especially in cold weather. Electrics are generally reliable on the CR-V, but batteries can go flat due to the ignition switch leaking current. Door handles are painted silver; they’re not chrome-plated. This paint can peel off; new handles are the only proper fix. Overall not a bad little car.