Sell my car

Will you buy my hybrid car?

Yes, but not if it’s been a taxi or hire car.

They say electric cars are the future and it’s difficult to argue otherwise, but it’s early in their evolution and many manufacturers are only just producing their first generation models.

For practical reasons and affordability petrol cars are still very much in demand, and as vehicle traders we are looking to buy cars that people want.

The Honda CR-Z is one of our favourites as you’d expect from Honda Japan and Japanese engineering. If you want sell your hybrid car contact us at sell my car or telephone 01949 729924.


Sell my car

Do first impressions count?

Be prepared.

OK.. I’ve seen your ad, you’re local and have great reviews – I’ve made a note of the ‘book value’ of my car from your valuation tool and booked a time for you to visit.

Q: Obviously I’d like the best price for my car, but in respect of mileage and condition it is what it is – but they say that first impressions count, so how can I best prepare for your visit.

A: We want to buy your car, but as far as the car itself is concerned a clean car is easier to assess than a dirty one and is much appreciated, but don`t go overboard as sell my car in Nottingham has been in the business for a long time and we know what to look for.

Please have documentation available for inspection

We’ll always do our due diligence prior to any purchase but it’s helpful if you could have the following to hand.

  • V5 of course
  • Records of any finance agreements associated with your car.
  • Service Records
  • Locking wheel nuts, spare keys, jack and tool kits.

Oh, and when we’re done … mine’s a tea, no sugar please.

Sell my car

Feel the beat!!

What about the extras?

OK, the sellmycars valuation tool has given me a ‘book price’ for my car and it’s about what I’d expected, but I’ve heard you often pay better than book for the right cars.

My car is in great nick and it’s got a shed load of extras, not to mention the custom paint job and trick rims – you’ll love it. It’s got a Noisy Boy 1400 with five sub woofers, extra lights and more bass than an earthquake! It cost me well over a grand and was professionally fitted by the team at IrritatingCarStuff – it’s time I had some new wheels and need as much cash as possible for this one. What are the extras worth?

There are extras and extras…

Factory fitted or manufacturers options will generally increase the value of your car, and certainly the desirability  but not always in direct proportion to their original cost – but generally speaking it should attract a premium over the sell my car valuation tool price quote.

Sadly the market for what amounts to custom cars is limited and the price we’d offer will almost certainly be less than if you offer it for sale to a like minded enthusiast – it doesn`t hurt to ask us though.

As a rule the vast majority of buyers prefer standard unmodified cars and it is those cars that attract the best cash price,  but call us all the same on 01949 729924 , you never know.


Sell my car

Value my car

What’s a fair cash price for my car?

We’re sure you’ve done some research and already have a figure in mind. There are countless car sites and cars for sale to view on the internet for comparisons – you may even have got an instant valuation from the sell my car valuation tool.

See the red star? It represents the trade value of reasonable condition vehicles of your type and model for the year of production. You’ve seen the red star value from the sell my car valuation tool.

The shaded portion represents what the buyer is expecting to see – anything to the left of the shaded area means your car is slightly worse than average and anything to the right is better than average.

Condition may be relative – a small dent on a popular small family car may be of relatively little importance, whereas a similar sized dent on a high-end luxury model might be another matter. Mileage (within reason) may not be the major deciding factor.

It’s a bit of plus and a bit of minus (and trust)

Sell your car Notts are experienced traders and can assess a vehicle in minutes and thus offer you the best cash price for your car, van or motorbike in the East Midlands.

For example worn tyres and a couple of light scratches on your car might be more than compensated for by a full service history.

Remember we all want to walk away happy and keep our lives simple.

Selling your car in practice.

Trade in, Ebay, Auto Trader etc are all options, but NONE are as convenient as a bank transfer offer from sellmycar Nottingham.

No Tyre Kickers

No time wasters, no tyre kickers, no scammers, no bad cheques, no hagglers and no “I’ll go  away and think about it” and best of all no comebacks.

We want to make your life simple.

We want to make your life simple

Sell my cars Nottingham are car, van and motor cycle dealers – we buy and sell cars. Obviously we want to make a profit, but NEVER at the expense of our reputation.

The price we offer after inspection is the price you’ll get – there are no surprises like hidden charges or admin fees that some of the bigger national concerns seem to be so fond of… they have to pay for all that irritating advertising somehow!!

You can sell your car locally in less than 24 hours! – There’s no obligation, and we do all the paperwork and running around.

A dating agency for cars

They say there’s someone for everyone – and so it is with cars. Your ‘old car’ might be just the thing for someone looking for such a model.

Remember that motor traders are in the business of making such introductions.

Value your car now – just enter your registration number 

Sell my car

Buy my car for Bitcoin!

Will you buy my car for Bitcoin in Nottingham?

That’s an interesting question, but the short answer is not yet.

Perhaps a more interesting question would have been will you buy my car for cryptocurrency – again the short answer in not yet.

Why not yet?

Cryptocurrencies have had a bit of a bad rap as their use has been commonly associated with the criminal element, which is to ignore the fact that the vast majority of users are legitimate traders and use the blockchain system for specialised purposes.  – cryptocurrency is here to stay and some cryptocurrencies will become mainstream as a consumer payment method – we’ve all heard of Bitcoin, but there are many more in the mix jockeying for market dominance.

If Bitcoin is like cash why won’t you buy my car for it?

It’s too early in the evolution of crypto for sell my car to divert from cash payments or a £ sterling bank transfer, and we need to know more about it – not to mention the accounting and administration issues involved.

The fundamental problem for many businesses is cryptocurrency volatility – If we buy your car for (say) £5000 cash you’ll have that value asset in your bank and our business account will be debited the same value amount.

To convert crypto to cash or vice versa you need to have an account with a crypto currency exchange such as Coinbase which will of course attract charges.


Imagine though that we agree to buy your car for 0.15 Bitcoin (value £5000 at the time of posting) – a casual Twitter post from an influencer such as Elon Musk mid-transaction can affect the market dramatically and leave one of us seriously out of pocket. So no thanks, not yet … We’ll buy your car for cash in Nottingham right now – but who knows about the future!