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What’s a fair cash price for my car?

We’re sure you’ve done some research and already have a figure in mind. There are countless car sites and cars for sale to view on the internet for comparisons – you may even have got an instant valuation from the sell my car valuation tool.

See the red star? It represents the trade value of reasonable condition vehicles of your type and model for the year of production. You’ve seen the red star value from the sell my car valuation tool.

The shaded portion represents what the buyer is expecting to see – anything to the left of the shaded area means your car is slightly worse than average and anything to the right is better than average.

Condition may be relative – a small dent on a popular small family car may be of relatively little importance, whereas a similar sized dent on a high-end luxury model might be another matter. Mileage (within reason) may not be the major deciding factor.

It’s a bit of plus and a bit of minus (and trust)

Sell your car Notts are experienced traders and can assess a vehicle in minutes and thus offer you the best cash price for your car, van or motorbike in the East Midlands.

For example worn tyres and a couple of light scratches on your car might be more than compensated for by a full service history.

Remember we all want to walk away happy and keep our lives simple.

Selling your car in practice.

Trade in, Ebay, Auto Trader etc are all options, but NONE are as convenient as a bank transfer offer from sellmycar Nottingham.

No Tyre Kickers

No time wasters, no tyre kickers, no scammers, no bad cheques, no hagglers and no “I’ll go¬† away and think about it” and best of all no comebacks.

We want to make your life simple.

We want to make your life simple

Sell my cars Nottingham are car, van and motor cycle dealers – we buy and sell cars. Obviously we want to make a profit, but NEVER at the expense of our reputation.

The price we offer after inspection is the price you’ll get – there are no surprises like hidden charges or admin fees that some of the bigger national concerns seem to be so fond of… they have to pay for all that irritating advertising somehow!!

You can sell your car locally in less than 24 hours! – There’s no obligation, and we do all the paperwork and running around.

A dating agency for cars

They say there’s someone for everyone – and so it is with cars. Your ‘old car’ might be just the thing for someone looking for such a model.

Remember that motor traders are in the business of making such introductions.

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