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Thinking of Buying a Motorhome?

Thinking of Buying a Motorhome?

Everyone’s doing it. Your grandad, your mum and dad, the kids and the bloke next door. 2020 is the year of the motorhome for a whole host of reasons. Most of them covid 19 related.
Firstly we were locked down for months and then we were set free but only to campsites without shower and toilet facilities. So you had to have everything on board. Even now many sites have no or very restricted facilities. Then covid cases rose abroad and holiday makers had to self
isolate for two weeks on their return from a number of European countries. So in effect we were confined to staying in the UK on sites where you had to take your own shower and toilet. No cruises, no package deals and very few flights but people wanted to get away in the UK, in style and with a certain degree of luxury.

The campervan or motorhome has become the choice of accommodation for a lot of people. The trouble is motorhomes and campervans don’t come cheap. In fact they can be downright expensive but they do offer a very high standard of accommodation – much more glamping than camping. And there’s something rather special about taking your own five star hotel to wherever you want to go with your clothes and kit already packed and available. When you buy a motorhome you say goodbye to packing suitcases.

There are many motorhome dealers/Manufactures in the UK, like Hymer, Carthago, Swift, Chausson and Bailey. Nottinghamshire has two of the larger multi franchise groups, Lowdhams and Brownhills.

The trouble is most motorhome dealers aren’t car dealers, which means your car is going straight off to the auction or the trade and in turn that means you are only going to get, at best, the expected auction price less all of the fees and costs involved. You do now however have an option. You can receive an independent valuation for your car on line and have the money in your account the same day. This will free you to negotiate the best deal or to buy privately. The are a lot of private sales on the web and some very good deals to be had if you’ve got the purchasing power. Arrange your loan privately, get cash for your car from sellmycars, get negotiating and get on the road.