Sell My Car FAQ's

Q: Does the valuation reported by the valuation tool constitute an offer?
A: No, it's only a guide. An offer will only be made after your vehicle has been inspected.

Q: Another question nearly everybody asks is why are there so many websites featuring motor traders offering to buy my car for cash and what's the difference between them? Or to put it another way, why should I choose Sell My Car?
A: To answer the first part of your question. All reputable motor traders need good quality stock and buying directly from the owner is often the best way to find it. Furthermore for more desirable stock we're able to contact our network of franchised dealers to get you the best price for your car. We all want to keep life simple!

To answer the second part of your question, as trusted local traders we value our reputation above all else and the best way to maintain that is to offer you best price for your car. We can often achieve this because we don`t have the high overheads like the 'Big Name' traders and regularly update market conditions using trusted sources such as Glass's Guide.

Q: Do you really buy any car?
A: Normally yes, but the offer will be dependent on inspection of the vehicle. Occasionally we may suggest other avenues for the sale of your car where we think you'll realise a better offer, but on rare occasions just say no thank you. Be assured though that we will always be honest about the valuation.

Q: All 'sell your cars for cash' websites seem to have a similar 'valuation tool' - you know, the box where you enter the car's registration number and up pops a value. Is 'sell my cars' valuation tool any different, and should I shop around?
A: The valuation tools 'pulls' current market data from one of a number of industry analysts database. It's a convenient way to give you a typical average value for the car in question. Usually the condition of your vehicle, if clean and with a full main dealer service history will usually improve the online offer.

Q: Will you bombard me with emails or texts if I 'value' my car.
A: No - but you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your valuation and one further one on your opinion of our online valuation.

Q: Do you only pay cash for cars?
A: No, in fact we normally pay by direct bank transfer, which is instantly cleared in your account.

Q: Can`t I just phone you to arrange an appointment?
A: Yes! 01949 729924 - We're always happy to chat!

Q: How soon after requesting a valuation will you visit, and if an offer is made and accepted when do you take my car?
A: We like to visit within 24 hours of a request for a valuation, sometimes same day in fact, but in most cases we arrange a mutually convenient time for the visit. Similarly we aim to take your car immediately or as soon as possible after you accept the offer and receive your payment.

Q: How long is an offer valid for?
A: Normally 7 days.

Q: Can I sell a car on behalf of a friend or relative?
A: No. The log book must be in the sellers name.

Q: My car's an import, will you buy it?
A: Normally yes if it's in good condition and of a UK specification.

Q: There's outstanding finance on my car, will you buy it?
A: Yes, but first we will need to ensure that any outstanding balance due to the finance company will be settled. Don't worry, we'll discuss how to proceed at the time of our valuation.

Q: My car has a cherished number plate which: a) I might wish to keep or b) Sell to you for a premium as part of the valuation. How should I proceed.
A: It's impossible to give a definitive answer without knowing the actual registration number - but first visit the DVLA website to learn about the retention or transfer of cherished numbers. Then we suggest you contact Sell My Cars Nottingham by telephone on 01949 729924 or email as the valuation tool may not take the cherished number into account.

Q: Does my car need a current MOT certificate for you to buy it?
A: Not necessarily, but recent and valid MOT will usually improve the offer, so have the certificate handy at the time of the inspection.

Q: When should I cancel the insurance?
A: Not before sell my cars Nottingham has transferred the payment to your account and taken ownership of your car.

Q: I'm selling on behalf of a relative or friend - can the payment be made into an account other than that of registered or legal owner of the car?
A: No - contact Sell My Cars Nottingham first by telephone on 01949 729924 or email for advice how you might proceed.

Q: How long do I need to have owned the car before you'll consider buying it?
A: We don`t specify a minimum time, but might reasonably question you about your reason for the sale if less than a month - we always complete HPI checks as part of our due diligence.

Q: Can I sell my company car?
A: Yes - but call first on 01949 729924 to chat about the details.

Q: Where can I find a copy of your Terms & Conditions. (Ts & Cs)

Q: Where's The Valuation Tool?
A: Click on the image below or follow this link to Sell My Cars homepage



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