Sell my car

Feel the beat!!

What about the extras?

OK, the sellmycars valuation tool has given me a ‘book price’ for my car and it’s about what I’d expected, but I’ve heard you often pay better than book for the right cars.

My car is in great nick and it’s got a shed load of extras, not to mention the custom paint job and trick rims – you’ll love it. It’s got a Noisy Boy 1400 with five sub woofers, extra lights and more bass than an earthquake! It cost me well over a grand and was professionally fitted by the team at IrritatingCarStuff – it’s time I had some new wheels and need as much cash as possible for this one. What are the extras worth?

There are extras and extras…

Factory fitted or manufacturers options will generally increase the value of your car, and certainly the desirability  but not always in direct proportion to their original cost Рbut generally speaking it should attract a premium over the sell my car valuation tool price quote.

Sadly the market for what amounts to custom cars is limited and the price we’d offer will almost certainly be less than if you offer it for sale to a like minded enthusiast – it doesn`t hurt to ask us though.

As a rule the vast majority of buyers prefer standard unmodified cars and it is those cars that attract the best cash price,  but call us all the same on 01949 729924 , you never know.