Sell my car

All Change For Covid

For most people in work, 2020 and covid 19 changed everything. People started working from home and only recently have we been encouraged to return to the office. The government, in its infinite wisdom, calls it returning to work but in reality it’s just returning to the place of work.


Employees have been working from home remotely since the start of lockdown. Returning to the office however very often involves using public transport. While the office or workplace may have been made safe, the same cannot always be said for buses and trains. Obviously the use
of face masks on public transport is compulsory now but many people still do not desire to sit in a metal tube surrounded by people who may or may not be infected.

The frequency and timings of tubes, buses and trains have been reduced making travelling just that bit more inconvenient and making commuting in your own car more attractive. The reluctance to use public transport has motivated people to look at the best way to travel to work taking into account the cost, comfort, safety and privacy. For this reason a lot of people have been looking at buying a second car or trading from one family car to two smaller ones to enable an inexpensive commute to work and at the same avoid using public transport.

In 2020 many small cars will have a large car feel about them and even though they might only be running on a 3-cylinder 1000cc engine, that coupled to an automatic gearbox can be very smooth, quiet and economical. There are some great offerings from Volkswagen, Ford, Audi and Fiat to mention a few. Car choice is always a very personal thing and it’s worth having a look at the whole market to see what suits you best.

If you fancy something a bit more exciting there are even three wheeled motorbikes on the market now that can be driven on a car licence without the need to take a motorbike test. I’ll write more about these on a later blog. Check out Yamaha and Piaggio for some great offerings. If however you are part exchanging two cars or one car for two smaller cars then the transaction becomes complicated, difficult and protracted. Much better to contact sell my and get cash for your car on the same day without any hassle negotiation or sales people involved. Then you’re free to shop wherever you want for your new commuter transport and to negotiate the best deals. Sit back, turn up he radio, you’ll be at work before you know.