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Thinking of Buying a Motorhome?

Thinking of Buying a Motorhome?

Everyone’s doing it. Your grandad, your mum and dad, the kids and the bloke next door. 2020 is the year of the motorhome for a whole host of reasons. Most of them covid 19 related.
Firstly we were locked down for months and then we were set free but only to campsites without shower and toilet facilities. So you had to have everything on board. Even now many sites have no or very restricted facilities. Then covid cases rose abroad and holiday makers had to self
isolate for two weeks on their return from a number of European countries. So in effect we were confined to staying in the UK on sites where you had to take your own shower and toilet. No cruises, no package deals and very few flights but people wanted to get away in the UK, in style and with a certain degree of luxury.

The campervan or motorhome has become the choice of accommodation for a lot of people. The trouble is motorhomes and campervans don’t come cheap. In fact they can be downright expensive but they do offer a very high standard of accommodation – much more glamping than camping. And there’s something rather special about taking your own five star hotel to wherever you want to go with your clothes and kit already packed and available. When you buy a motorhome you say goodbye to packing suitcases.

There are many motorhome dealers/Manufactures in the UK, like Hymer, Carthago, Swift, Chausson and Bailey. Nottinghamshire has two of the larger multi franchise groups, Lowdhams and Brownhills.

The trouble is most motorhome dealers aren’t car dealers, which means your car is going straight off to the auction or the trade and in turn that means you are only going to get, at best, the expected auction price less all of the fees and costs involved. You do now however have an option. You can receive an independent valuation for your car on line and have the money in your account the same day. This will free you to negotiate the best deal or to buy privately. The are a lot of private sales on the web and some very good deals to be had if you’ve got the purchasing power. Arrange your loan privately, get cash for your car from sellmycars, get negotiating and get on the road.

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Sell my Car Nottingham. Some History about Nottingham.

Nottingham, in the heart of the East Midlands, has a population of around 291,000 and is one of the youngest cities in the UK, with over 50% of the population under 30. It’s 34 miles south of Sheffield and 26 miles north of Leicester and close to the beautiful Vale of Belvoir. It is the seventh largest city in the UK and together with Derby it has a strategy for the future come 2030.

We are known for being the sport capital of the Midlands and have two of the oldest football clubs in the world, Nottingham Forest and Notts County as well as the Trent Bridge cricket club NCC all within One mile of each other. We have the Nottingham ice hockey team The Panthers who are based at our wonderful venue The National Ice Stadium and not forgetting our wonderful Water Sports Centre and country park at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham.

Also our history is quite good too, Nottingham is famed for its Nottingham Lace, Robin Hood, and Nottingham Castle, and was granted its city charter in 1897 as part of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. And our future looks good too two great university’s, Nottingham Trent and The University of Nottingham.

Did you know that Paul Smith the famous designer is from Nottingham, and has a distribution warehouse here too, as well as Boots.

Nottingham is a great diverse city and has a lot to offer, two shopping centres and Nottingham Castle all in a mile radius of the Old Market square. Nottingham is well-served by public transport, including trams, buses, Nottingham train station and East Midlands Airport just 10 miles away.

Try typing about us Nottingham into your search engine and see what comes up.

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Is Cash King when Part Exchanging Your Car?

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it. That sharp intake of breath when the car salesman first looks at the car you’re looking to part exchange. Then comes that classic phrase “there’s not a lot of demand for this type of car anymore” or it’s the wrong colour, it’s the wrong type of engine, it’s the wrong transmission. And so the process of negotiation for the price of your part exchange car begins. It’s a process that you do only occasionally and the salesman does half a dozen times every day. it stands to reason that he’s going to be better at it than you and he’s going to chip away at the price you’ve got fixed in your mind until he gets the price that he’s satisfied with, and therein lies the problem. He wants your car at the lowest price possible and you want the highest price possible. So before you’ve even started buying a car  you are skirting around the part exchange deal.

The price and age of the car you are buying  will affect the part exchange offer. If you’re buying a brand new car then all the dealer wants is to to sell you his new car and very often your part exchange will go straight off to auction. With some cars there’s often more money to be made by the dealer on the higher valued part exchange cars than the car he’s selling. That’s why it’s a protracted difficult and tense part of the car buying process.  

Often a salesperson will tell you that there is no benefit in you offering cash. Don’t believe them. Cash is king, especially in this current environment where covid19 has changed everything.  

So negotiating the price of a part exchange car is a well-rehearsed dance on the part of the salesman. How then can you simplify the process? How then can you walk into a dealership with cash in your pocket? Type in to googlesell my car and sell your car for cash.

Using simplifies the process,  it takes out one whole stage of negotiation. You’ve got cash in your pocket when you walk into a dealership. The only thing then to negotiate is the price of the car that you’re buying. the whole process is simplified, it’s more transparent, it’s easier to negotiate because you have got cash in your pocket. 

Now there is always the option to sell my car privately. but there is a cost to this, in terms of personal time and advertising costs. Do not underestimate the number of time wasters and the number of enquiries that you have to deal with before you sell your car and in these covid-19 times even giving someone a test drive isn’t easy. 

Be very careful as well when offering test drives to strangers, most people would just jump out of the driver’s seat and walk around to the passenger side to give someone a test drive. It’s been known for someone to jump in the driver’s seat before the seller got in the passenger side and just drive off. Always make sure you take the keys out of the car and walk around the car, get in  the other side and then hand the keys over if you’re happy to even let them test drive. Make sure they’re insured as well.  

While we are talking about cash being king let’s also think about loans for a minute. If a dealer arranges a loan for you he or she will get a commission for arranging that loan. There’s only one person who pays that commission, you. You’re much better off to go to a comparison site like and see what loans you can get. Alternatively you could sign up to Experian put in your personal details and they will calculate your credit rating and offer the best loan deals. More often than not you will get much better rates when you arrange a loan yourself.  

Finally, as I come to the end of this piece, let’s face up to the fact that these covid-19 days are extremely difficult for lots and lots of people. Many people are working on reduced hours or may have even lost their job. There’s no shame in having to liquidate assets and move  to a less expensive car or possibly no car at all. You cannot eat metal, engine tyres or glass. If needs must, then the car has to go until times improve. Some people might capitalize on this and offer you a lower price for your car. At it is just a straightforward transaction. You are always offered a fair market price for your car that more often and not will beat the part exchange offer you will get from a dealership. The money can be in your account the same day you make contact and sell my car.

Cash is king. It’s always been King and will remain King.

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Who we are

Hello, and thank you for reading our short blog, We are a car retailing company who started out in 1998 working for Honda, and that platform moulded us to who we are today.

Which brings us to our best website to date which we hope will prove to be easy, helpful and with a genuine care for our customers.

Our aim is to provide the Nottingham and East Midlands with the best selling experience for you, and the best value and price for your car. Even if we cant buy your car we will give you the best advice possible to help you achieve your goal. You can call us on 01949 729924 and just ask.


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Cars we buy
One of the classic cars we have bought.


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Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V was one of the first SUVs to tout itself as the more eco friendly off-roader, with a firm bias to on-road manners and a lack of off-road clambering . The CR-V shares the 2.0- petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines from the Accord but now also comes in Hybrid form. The CR-V is stout, sensible family transport and has something of a cult following in Middle England. We can see why. Honda reliability is a given, it’s well engineered and very practical for household duty. It’s even built in Britain, so you can feel rightly patriotic if you’re a local reader. Now on its fifth iteration, you can choose front- or four-wheel drive and we’d highly recommend the new downsized 1.6 diesel engine which hits the sweet spot of low emissions, high fuel economy and grunt performance. That’s a good bet when combined with the 590-or-so litre boot. Just watch out for equally efficient but more engaging rivals.

The Second gen Honda CR-V

As long as you don’t need more than five seats, the CR-V is a great buy thanks to its Reliability, comfort, generous equipment levels and strength. Running costs can be high, especially for petrol models, plus you’ll regret not buying a diesel if you’re planning to tow. As with most cars of this type, the CR-V isn’t designed for serious off-road driving but, while there are plenty of more accomplished compact SUVs out there on the used market, the CR-V can be a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Latest Generation CR-V

Bear in mind that, as with any compact sports utility vehicle, a CR-V will never be as cheap to run as a family-focused estate car or hatch.

Make sure the air-conditioning or climate control works properly; compressors can fail, particularly on early models rear light clusters can leak, leading to condensation building up, especially in cold weather. Electrics are generally reliable on the CR-V, but batteries can go flat due to the ignition switch leaking current. Door handles are painted silver; they’re not chrome-plated. This paint can peel off; new handles are the only proper fix. Overall not a bad little car.


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Sell your used Honda

Why selling your used Honda to sell my cars will give you the best price Guaranteed. 

We will buy any used Honda in good condition with a full-service history and beat any written quote. 

Below are the reasons why we love Hondas! 

Honda is a long-established Japanese car brand. Focusing on innovation and quality, Honda has built a strong reputation for dependability. Honda builds a small but sensible range of models focused on the family car market. Its most popular models are the Jazz small car, the Civic medium-sized hatchback and Tourer estate, and the CR-V crossover SUV 4×4.A further Jazz-based SUV crossover, the HR-V, is another model that’s making inroads in a competitive market. Honda has had experience with hybrid technology too, with models such as the Insight and Jazz Hybrid. More recently, Honda has created a hybrid version of the Honda CR-V, which has also been pretty adventurous in design terms with some of its models, such as the Civic hatchback, which looks like nothing else on the road. 

Honda cars are reliable – or so the company’s reputation would have believe. Honda positions itself halfway between mainstream brands such as Ford and premium brands such as Audi – think of it as something like the Japanese equivalent of Volkswagen. As such, its cars are priced slightly above the main volume brands but not beyond the reach of many of the families it targets. The Honda Jazz, for instance, is Honda’s cheapest model and costs from around £14,000, while the Honda Civic nudges the £19,000 mark at its entry-level point. Thanks to the enduring reputation of the Honda brand, second-hand prices remain strong, which keeps overall ownership costs down and PCP monthly rates relatively low. High used prices do mean that Honda ownership may be out of reach for some buyers. 

Try us, we buy any car, especially good condition used Hondas. 

Sell My Cars.